How to breathe the cleanest air ever

Drew Carr   April 27, 2016   Comments Off on How to breathe the cleanest air ever

Air Conditioning

At Fox Service Company, we believe a healthy home is a happy home. While keeping the air in your home cool this spring and summer is a given, when was the last time you considered how clean the air in your home is? Using cutting edge technology, the REME HALO®, available at Fox Service Company, can purify the air in your home into some of the cleanest, most pure air you’ve ever breathed.

Designed by RGF® to recreate the natural way the environment removes airborne impurities, the REME HALO® is an air purification system installed right in your AC unit. Once your unit turns on, the REME HALO® produces ionized hydrogen peroxide molecules which are distributed out to every cubic foot of air in your entire home. When these ionized hydro-peroxides come into contact with bacteria, viruses, mold spores, VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and odors, they destroy these microbes and impurities immediately, resulting in cleaner, fresher air on the spot. In layman’s terms, the REME HALO® actively purifies every cubic foot of air in your home at the same time. To put the system’s capabilities into perspective, the REME HALO® can reduce the germs in a sneeze (which travels about 100 mph) by 98% before the germs travel 3 feet.  Cool, right?



In addition, the REME HALO® passes a charge off to all the dust, dander, pollen and particulates in the air, causing them to stick together. This in turn makes it easier for your existing filter equipment to catch these allergens and particles, increasing both your filtration rate and efficiency without sacrificing air flow. Along with home use, the REME HALO®, is also excellent for commercial use, as the high occupancy of commercial buildings makes them one of the most polluted indoor air environments. One of the many products and services Fox Service Company provides to keep your home comfortable and healthy, the REME HALO® is a cool and innovate way to ensure excellent air quality for your family.

And if it’s about that time a new AC unit, right now you can get up to $3,500 cash back on select Bryant® cooling systems with installation from Fox Service Company. With over 100 years of experience in heating and cooling, Bryant® Heating & Cooling does whatever it takes to keep you cool and comfortable.

To find out more about both products, visit Fox Service Company at or give them a call at (512) 442-6782 to ask about breathing cooler, fresher indoor air today!