How to keep your AC happy and healthy (in 3 easy steps).

Drew Carr   March 10, 2016   Comments Off on How to keep your AC happy and healthy (in 3 easy steps).

Air Conditioning

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Across the country, Austin is well known as a hot spot. The great music, delicious food, natural beauty and large number of cool people have all helped to develop this capital city into the place to be. Austin also counts as a hot spot because temperatures here tend to be ridiculously high. So high in fact, that Fox Service Company would like to send you a friendly reminder to make sure your AC is in tip-top condition—before the heat hits Austin this year. By using these insider secrets, you can keep yourself and your family cool all summer long, and get an MVP performance from your AC this season.

Tip #1: Routine. Maintenance.

The number one secret to avoiding costly air conditioning repairs is to have routine maintenance performed on your system. At minimum, your heating and cooling systems should be checked annually. While these inspections, or AC tune ups, can only be performed by a licensed HVAC contractor under Texas law, they are very important to have completed on a regular basis. Manufacturers advise routine annual maintenance regardless of system age or performance; some even require the owner to produce evidence of routine maintenance to qualify for warranties on failed parts. No different than a car, your air conditioning system will thank you by continuing to perform flawlessly.

Tip #2: Filtration Fidelity

Change your filters regularly.”

Hauntingly familiar, like what the dentist says about flossing. If you don’t work on air conditioners every day, it’s easy to forget and can be as bothersome as any other routine house chore. Find filter replacements, find a screwdriver, find a ladder, etc. Especially if this is a once-a-month requirement. Some newer units use thicker, 5 inch filters which only require changing every 6-8 months. The key here is to change it (or have it changed) according to manufacturer specifications. If it is a one month filter, change it regularly to avoid air conditioning repairs later on. Your AC system will work more efficiently (cheaper for you and fewer break-downs), and your indoor air quality will improve too. Trust us!

Tip #3: The Right Stuff

When you do have AC maintenance or repairs performed, make sure the tech has ‘the right stuff’. This is everything from the vehicle he arrives in, all the way to the contractor’s reputation and warranty policies. Ask questions up front. Get a quoted price before they begin any work. Make sure the contractor is licensed to work in the State of Texas. Ask how much experience they have. Ask about the company’s guarantees, discounts, or special offers. This could save you some time and headache later on, further hassle on repeat trips if not fixed correctly the first time, or at least a few dollars you can keep in your wallet! That never hurts!

We are confident that with a little education, we can improve our readers’ grasp of HVAC systems, and how to properly care for them. In the long run our goal is to shift popular opinion away from repair as a first resort. We firmly believe the maintenance-first mentality is the most responsible approach for our customers and the environment, and it’s one that will serve you and your AC unit well.

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