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The Home Electrical Safety Guide

Drew Carr   June 14, 2016   Comments Off on The Home Electrical Safety Guide


Electricity is everywhere in the modern home. It’s also the most dangerous hazard in the home. It can move as fast as the speed of light, it’s silent, and you can’t smell it; unless it’s causing something to burn, of course. When electricity is not properly harnessed, it can destroy most anything in its path and severely injure or even… Read more »

3 (Possibly) Shocking Home Electrical Hazards

Drew Carr   May 27, 2016   Comments Off on 3 (Possibly) Shocking Home Electrical Hazards


This may come as a shock, but your electrical system (convenient as it is) is one of the most potentially dangerous systems in your home, if it’s not handled or working properly. As we use electricity every day—charging our iPhones, flipping the lights on, using the stove, oven and toaster at the same time, drying our hair, ironing our jeans,… Read more »